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Proofreading Tools for Microsoft Word and PowerPoint

These proofreading tools are perfect for students, consultants, copy editors - or anyone who is concerned about creating quality documents and presentations.
DocProofer and SlideProofer are actually Microsoft templates and add-ins that harness the power of the Microsoft Office VBA object model to search out - and correct - common grammatical errors as well as misspelled words, terms, phrases and proper nouns. Users just push a button and the tool goes to work. It's that easy!
DocProofer and SlideProofer are delivered with more than 300 built-in corrections that can be available to you immediately after installation. They are designed to work with just about every style guide available. But the greatest part about them is the fact that you can limitlessly customize them to your own needs.
These tools not only offer push-button simplicity, they enable next-generation proofreading power at anyone's fingertips.

Versions available for Office 97 - Office 2013.

Proofreading tools designed by proofreaders. Copyright 2014